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A collection of very short stories that may have a small element of truth hidden in the midst of a bunch of fallacious facts.

1. Where does Mince Meat come from?
2. The Earthquake of August 23, 2011
3. The Drone Destroyer
4. Natures Wrinkle Wrecker (Get rid of Wrinkles forever)
5. Freedom or Slavery, your choice.
​6. The Obama Hair Restoration Plan
7. Worm Food
8. Repubocrats
9. Dr. Barry's Sure Cure Foot Corn Problem
10. Dirty Story
11. The Time Bank
12. Future Food
13. Creation ( According to Darwin's Dummies)
14. Crisis at the Hummingbird Feeder.
15. We the people
16. Tail wagging dog
17. Interview with a Horseshoe crab
18. Kidnapped

Mythical Meanderings
by Barry Caulfield